I publish as much as possible in Open Access. You can access to my publications by clicking on the title.

When the publication is not available in Open Access, I also provide, where possible, the link to its preprint version.

Penser la justice climatique. Devoirs et politiques is my first book. It was published in 2018 by Presses Universitaires de France (PUF), the leading French publisher in humanities.

Book reviews:

Articles published in academic journals

Bourban, Michel. 2021. “Rawls et Rousseau : liberté, citoyenneté et stabilité”, Revue de métaphysique et de morale 112 (4): 545–565.

Bourban, Michel and Rochel, Johan. 2021. “Synergies in Innovation: Lessons Learnt from Innovation Ethics for Responsible Innovation”, Philosophy & Technology 34 (2): 373394 (Open Access).

Bourban, Michel and Broussois, Lisa. 2020. “The Most Good We Can Do or the Best Person We Can Be?Ethics, Policy & Environment 23 (2): 159179 (you can access the preprint version here).

Bourban, Michel and Broussois, Lisa. 2020. “Nouvelles convergences en éthique environnementale et en éthique animale : vers une éthique climatique non anthropocentriste”, VertigO 32 : 1–29 (Open Access).

Bourban, Michel. 2019. “Croissance démographique et changement climatique : repenser nos politiques dans le cadre des limites planétairesLa pensée écologique 3 (1) : 19–37 (you can access the preprint verion here).

Bourban, Michel. 2017. “Justice climatique et négociations internationalesNégociations 27 (1): 7–22 (Open Access).

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Bourban, Michel. 2014. “Climate Change, Human Rights and the Problem of MotivationDe Ethica 1 (1): 37–52 (Open Access).

Chapters published in edited volumes

Bourban, Michel. 2021. “Climate Justice in the Nonideal Circumstances of International Negotiations”, in Kenehan, Sarah and Katz, Corey (eds.), Principles of Justice and Real-World Climate Politics, London/New York: Rowman & Littlefield: 59–88 (you can access most of the chapter on Google Books).

Bourban, Michel. 2021. “Promoting Justice in Global Climate Policies”, in Laurent, Éloi and Zwickl, Klara (eds.), Routledge Handbook of the Political Economy of the Environment, New York, Routledge: 226–242 (you can access the preprint version here).

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Bourban, Michel and Lauvau, Geoffroy. 2016. “Les petits États insulaires : peut-on compenser la perte d’un territoire ?”, in Renaut, Alain et al. (eds.), Inégalités entre globalisation et particularisation. Paris : PUPS : 631–649 (you can access the published version here).

Bourban, Michel. 2016. “Nouvelles questions de justice climatique”, in Papaux, Alain and Zurbuchen, Simone (eds.), Philosophy, Law and Environmental Crisis / Philosophie, droit et crise environnementale. Stuttgart : Franz Steiner Verlag : 61–68 (you can acces the published version here).

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Book reviews

Bourban, Michel. 2016. Review of Godard, Olivier. 2015. La justice climatique mondiale. Paris : La Découverte” La vie des idées, November 23 2016 : 1–5 (Open Access).

Bourban, Michel. 2021. Review of Ziegler, Rafael. 2020. Innovation, Ethics and our Common Futures. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, Prometheus – Critical Studies in Innovation 37 (3): 311–314 (Open Access).

Future publications

I have two book projects under development. The first one is an anthology on climate ethics I am coediting with Lisa Broussois and Augustin Fragnière with Vrin, the leading French publisher in philosophy. We present and translate from English into French essential readings in climate ethics. The title of the volume is Philosophie du changement climatique. Éthique, politique et nature, and it will be published in early 2022.

The second book project I am working on is a monograph with the working title Cosmopolitan Citizenship and Ecological Citizenship: Political Community in the 21st Century. I investigate two separate models of post-national citizenship, cosmopolitan citizenship and ecological citizenship, and explain how their reconciliation would help to think about the responsibilities of citizens in the 21st century.

I also have several papers under development, some of which have been recently accepted for publication, some of which still need to be revised. The topics I'm writing on include environmental sustainability, eco-anxiety, duties to mitigate climate change, climate justice and non-ideal theory, the ethics of negative emissions technologies, and Rawls's individual liberalism and its critics.

I will update this page as soon as these new research outputs are published.