Teachings at the University of Warwick (2021-2022)

I taught four seminars on the history of political thought for the undergraduate module PO201 Political Theory from Hobbes: Seeking Freedom and Equality. You can find a general description of the module here.

I aslo taught three seminars on contemporary political theory for the undergraduate module PH338 Principles of Political Economy: Philosophy & Politics.You can find a general description of the module here.

Teachings at Kiel University (2018-2020)

I taught four seminars in English at Kiel University in the Master programme in environmental philosophy.

You can access the syllabus for each course by clicking on the title of the teaching.

Teachings at the University of Lausanne (2012-2017)

I taught three BA seminars in French for first-year students:

  • Classical texts in modern political philosophy

  • Locke’s Second Treatise of Government

  • Rousseau’s Social Contract

I also taught 16 courses and seminars in French with my PhD co-supervisor, Simone Zurbuchen. A short description of these teachings can be found here.

MA seminars:

  • Political philosophy: from global to intergenerational justice

  • Intergenerational justice

  • Just war theories: historical and contemporary approaches

  • The problem of supererogation

  • Is man naturally sociable?

BA seminars:

  • Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America and its contemporary readings

  • What is political liberty? Classical readings

  • John Locke’s theory of property

  • Hannah Arendt’s political philosophy

  • John-Stuart Mill

BA Lectures

  • Human rights: theories, challenges and critiques

  • Introduction to modern political philosophy

  • Theories of sovereignty

  • Political liberalism and its critics

  • The philosophy of human rights

  • Main ethical theories in the 19th and 20th century