Reviewing Activities

I have reviewed manuscripts submitted to the following reviews and publishers:

  • Climate Policy

  • Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

  • Éditions Quæ

  • Environmental Values

  • Ethica

  • Ethical Perspectives

  • Ethics, Policy & Environment

  • Éthique publique

  • Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric

  • Global Sustainability

  • La Découverte

  • Natures Sciences Sociétés

  • Philosophy & Technology

  • Raisons Politiques

  • Revue française des affaires sociales

  • Science and Engineering Ethics

  • Social Theory and Practice

  • The Canadian Journal of Environmental Philosophy

I have also reviewed research projects submitted to the following institutions:

  • The Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)

  • The French Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB)

  • The French Higher Council for Strategic Training and Research (CSFRS)

I have also reviewed applications for a position of Professor in general and systematic philosophy at the University of Lausanne as an elected member of the nominating committee (2013–2014)